The Fires of Revolution

Conversation between Arsenau and Fliuch (Riverton)

20 Sarenith 4715

our scene opens in Riverton. It’s a pleasant evening, and the party is trading and purchasing goods in the bustling trade community. Arsenau and Fliuch are resting in a tree’s shade.

“So, Fliuch… where’d you get that scrap of cloth you’re so curious about anyways?”

The girl idly picks at her lute, smiling over at Arsenau. “It was once attached to a robe, which belonged to a person. I’m looking for that person.” She plays several cheery chords, adjusting her seating under the tree. “They did some pretty bad stuff to my family. So I’m trying to fix it. I’m sure it’ll all work out great.” Her smile brightens, and she plays an upbeat tune. “Especially with you helping me!”

Arsenau smirks pleasently, but gives a slightly skeptical sounding “heh” before peering off into the night. “Can’t argue with righting wrongs…” she says, as if to no one in particular. She picks up her bottle and looks at it for a moment before taking a small swig and setting it back down. “What makes you so confident I’ll be that helpful? You aren’t just looking for someone to strike a vengeful blow are you?”

Fliuch pauses in playing and considers, picking up again after a moment in a different key. “I don’t want vengeance, no.. I don’t think so.” She pauses again, and smiles wistfully. “I more want to figure out why it happened. I don’t understand why the wizard cursed my mother. Or, killed my..” She coughs, pulling at her bodice and smoothing our her cheerful orange skirts. “I don’t know why it happened. Maybe there’s a good explanation, and they’ll take responsibility for it. Maybe we can talk about it.”

The girl shifts into a different sitting position, and makes strong eye contact. She picks up playing again, this time an exciting tune. “And, you’re strong. You’re really strong.” Her smile returns in full force. “You confronted a band of highwaymen. You fought a tiger, and still stood. You engaged an ogre, and ran it through as if it were damp parchment paper. And, you fight for good. You help people.” Her intrepid playing continues, and her eyes are lit up like glittering stars. “You’re a hero.”

Arsenau’s expression darkens at the mention of a curse and of killings, but quickly betrays her flattered feelings through a broad smile when Fliuch begins to describe her as a hero. Trying to be jovial Arsenau says “Don’t build that pedestal too high or I might brake an arm when I fall off of it” and immediately appears to regret the analogy. Her smile fades a bit and she takes another small swig.
After a moment she says “Anyways, if that’s your aim, I’m on board. I’ll help you find this wizard, and I’ll help you find out why these tings happened to your family, and maybe if we’re lucky the Light of the Sword will show us the safest way to those answers.”
After a breath’s pause she continues, “And as far as I’m concerned there’s no payment needed. You might be the first person I’ve met in a long while who has their head and their ass sorted out the right way ‘round, and it doesn’t seem right to take your money.” She gives another somewhat pleasant smirk and puts a hand out to shake. “Partners?”

The girl’s expression brightens even further, radiating joy at the mention of working together. “I would..” She pauses, setting her lute up against the tree, “be honoured!” With that, she scoots over and wraps her arms around Arsenau, hugging her tightly. She emits a high-pitched noise not unlike a whine.

Arsenau hesitates a moment, clearly a bit surprised by the embrace, before wrapping her arms around Fliuch in return. Her hug is perhaps a bit stronger than it needed to be, but not disastrously so.
After a moment or two she releases the embrace and still with a smirk on her face says “So you want to learn a song in orcish? I am an awful singer, but I think I know one you’d like. It’s all about making the best of things…”

Fliuch scuttles into a kneel, collecting her lute and re-tuning it. She keeps a wide grin on her face, and nods excitedly. “I would love that! Please, do go on..”


Aww, they’re gonna be best friends~

Emptus lilithstheno

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