The Fires of Revolution

First Adventure Summary pt II

from Fliuch's perspective

Day II, at the Highwaymen’s Camp

We woke before the sun came up, made sure the (now-caged) tiger was okay, and ate some of the hardtack the bandits kept. We sorted through the goods we’d found, and there was a particularly interesting historical book. It had an evil aura according to Arsenau (whom I hadn’t known was a paladin, no wonder she’s so strong!), and a magical aura, according to my spell detection. It seems odd that someone would enchant a history book with much of anything; I’m more interested in the text. We decided to keep it for later study, rather than destroying it, thank Desna.

Our fey friend reappeared, and we were more properly introduced. Rene Willatanka. We spoke with her, and she claimed to know where to go to find the sorceress we sought. Arsenau and I discussed the issues with her intent to capture the pixie and apparently tear off her wings. We settled to settle it later and went along with her.

We traveled down fairy trails, and though we seemed to go in a circle several times, we got to the crevice with the cave we sought (which was absolutely certainly fairy magic). We were told there was an ogre, a pixie, and the sorceress whom we were seeking inside, and found this to be a good time to discuss how to approach Rene’s overeager want to mutilate the pixie.

We talked about the morality of it, and everyone eventually saw it my way (or got tired of disputing it, which is more likely)! Rene agreed to not tear the fairy’s wings off, since she only needed her dust in the first place. She still seemed intent on capturing the fairy, but we settled to settle it later.

I’d never seen an ogre before. They’re huge, and are more or less very lumpy humans. We outnumbered it (was it an it? it didn’t seem much like a person), and won the fight quickly. Rufus (scribbled heart) helped a lot with a magic healing wand. I hope I can find one when we get back to a town!

I’d like to note that fighting people (and tigers, and ogres) for real is a lot different from targeting and melee practise, and it’s different from friendly brawls. They move around, and they want to hurt you, and you can’t stop shaking. How do the others do it?

Further in the cave, we found the sorceress and her pixie friend (though the pixie was invisible at first). Rene ran headlong into the room swinging a bug-catching net, and the rest of us fought with the sorceress. I’d never been ensorcelled before, and it wasn’t exactly unpleasant. Just a dreamy, kind of empty-headed floating feeling. It interrupted the song I was singing for my friends, but they were probably doing okay without it.

They beat the bandit leader, and Rene caught the pixie, though she got out and was killed. Not before Elizerra cast a spell on us, though. It was like every colour you could imagine, all sinking into your eyes and ears and face at once, like I could taste them. It was like being very drunk, but with too much colour and too many voices all speaking at once. It’s good Rufus (scribbled heart) was there to stop it, or I would’ve been like that for a lot longer.

I know she was only trying to stop the pixie, but I hope that never happens again. I’ll have to bring it up once I can, but I don’t know if I can really talk to her like that yet.

My traveling companions are all veterans and professionals. I feel so lost. Like I’m their little sister, tagging along and getting in the way.

It doesn’t really matter, though.

When we were all finished with picking over the cave lair and had found everything for our employer (and Rene had gotten her pixie dust), we discussed what to do with the sorceress. The others seemed to settle on leaving her behind, but that wouldn’t have felt right? It was a cave in an obviously dangerous area. It doesn’t seem right to leave someone to be eaten by a passing wolf or something just because they made some bad choices and wound up wanting to kill you.

Liriel seemed intent on turning her in to the Chelaxian authorities in town, but that would’ve just ended in her being tortured, or mistreated, or just killed horribly. We settled to settle it later. I picked her up (she was a lot heavier than she looked) and took her back to the camp, where we’re staying now. The tiger’s fine (and Rene even brought something to feed it with!), and everyone is just exhausted. We didn’t travel as much today, but making it through all those fights was draining.

At least it’s over for now! No more fights, and we’re about to return to Azir to finish up our business. He’ll be so pleased that we safely returned his tiger, I can’t wait to see his face!

[end of entry two]


Perfect cinnamon bun, too good for this world, too pure. I certainly hope she isn’t involved in horribly painful character development that forces her to reevaluate her philosophy~ I’m also liking the language use, really gives the character an identity, ja?

First Adventure Summary pt II

awh but ocs need to suffer as much as possible

otherwise they aren’t earning their keep :D

First Adventure Summary pt II
Emptus lilithstheno

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