The Fires of Revolution

Sarenith 17

A Letter from Arsenau to Zlatica


Sorry for not writing for so long. There hasn’t been much to say. Finding work is hard as an orc – people don’t want to trust me. And when I can’t work, looking okay good is hard, so they want to trust me less. I had a job last week lifting crates (A small ale stain blurs the page here)

I got a good job this week though. A human girl named Fluke hired me. Weird name, but she’s Varisian so maybe it’s cultural. She’s looking for information about some piece of cloth. I don’t really know what it’s all about yet, but she’s sweet and innocent and needs a sword arm to keep her safe. Plus she doubled the rate I asked for! Can’t beat that.

That’s not all though. Before we’d sorted ourselves out a really drunk southerner started telling us all about his lost shipment and the tiger that was with it and that a whole army had stolen it. I was pretty sure no army stole his stuff, but that’s what his mercenaries told him. He offered to pay us with the very amulet around his neck – looked like the last valuable thing he owned – so I couldn’t really say no. Plus Fluke wanted to do it, and I already said I’d work with her.

When he pulled the amulet out, though, another human came over. This lady was a few years older than fluke though. 25 maybe? I think Fluke might be 16 or 17. Anyways, this other lady tried to convince Azir – he’s the southerner – to keep the amulet out of sight and the four of us to talk more privately. That’s when Azir mentioned he’d been petitioning some Hellknights who were in town to hear him out and get his stuff back.

Sure enough one of the assholes fiend-lovers came to talk to him almost right then and there. Luckily (for all of us, I think) they declined to help him and all we really had to do was convince her lackey that a 25 gold “adminastratif” fee wasn’t worth the effort. In the process we met Roofus – who is amazing – and Lyriel – who I’m kind of uncertain about. Roofus is a human and Lyriel looks elven.

Anyways, the five of us decided to work together to get Azir’s things back – and agreed that none of the people responsible were going to be sold into slavery despite how profitable he insisted it could be. We also agreed that afterward we’d help Roofas solve some problem he was really vague about. Some town has a problem, he wants help solving it… Well I figured if he’s that vague about it he can’t really hold me to doing anything unjust, so I said sure.

(A couple of sentences have been obscured by an ale stain…) after which we finally got moving down the river. We got attacked by the bandits that had ambushed Azir’s people. Magic fog. Magic army. I didn’t see it at first, but Elazera – that’s the other human woman, magus maybe? – and Lyriel – she’s a half elf – seemed to realize it and clued me in. It was a tough fight, and Roofus was pretty badly wounded. He has some amazing powers though. At one moment he ran through the water as if it wasn’t even there! Not to mention he revealed that he is some kind of cleric. He wears a holy symbol, but I don’t recognize it. I think it’s a pretty minor god. Later he mentioned the accidental god, but I don’t think that’s the one he has the symbol for.

The bandit leader escaped, so we revived one of the other bandits to take us to their camp. We promised he’d go free after that, and he did. On our way we met a crazy gnome. She made me feel uneasy in more ways than one. She was mutilating a small animal when we met her, mentioned that she wanted to capture a live pixie in a jar, and just wouldn’t stop moving. It reminded me of the way you used to strafe when you were teaching me to keep my shield up, making sure I couldn’t tell where the next attack would come from.

Eventually she left, just leaving some of her stuff as some kind of bribe for us to convince us to help her capture the pixie. We took the stuff and proceeded to the bandit camp. That’s where we found the tiger. It was hungry. It was angry. It was deadly. I think the Inheritor herself must have intervened to save me, because I felt the tiger’s teeth in my neck and claws in my gut, but somehow I did not die. This is when Rufus continue to prove his usefulness as he healed me thoroughly, even using a wand to make sure I was ready to fight again if needed. I probably owe him my life once or twice over now.

We subdued the tiger. We thought Azir would be happy to get it back. We ransacked the camp and looked for tracks, but couldn’t figure out where the bandit leader went. But then the gnome showed up. She said the pixie she was looking for was with the bandit leader, that there was also an ogre with them, and that she would show us how to get there if we helped her capture the pixie. She also still wouldn’t stop moving. She also mutilated another animal apparently trying to make sure she was right about where the pixie was. I don’t know if she was doing magic of if she is just crazy, but she’s crazy either way. With no other choice I let the others pretend they were going to help her so we could find out where this bandit went.

(Yet another ale stain covers part of the page here, obscuring an entire paragraph)

Finally we got to the place, top of a cliff with the enemies at the bottom in a cave. Elzra seemed more like she might help the gnome. Fluke and me finally convinced the gnome that there’d be no tearing the pixie’s wings off. I quietly decided if it was really so mean and evil I’d try to give it a sparing death.

We went down and the ogre was waiting for us. I guess it heard us arguing. It wasn’t too hard to kill though, but Lyral got hurt. When we went further in we found the bandit leader – she was a sorcerer or something and she burned us a lot. Over and over again. And she had invisible magic armor. I tried to call down the wrath of Iomedae on her, but even then my blows hit her invisible armor. I’ve never been so angry. She finally fell, and I at least killed the pixie. I wanted to kill the gnome too, but I think I would have lost that fight very quickly.

We ended up dragging the tiger back to Azir, and handing over the bandit woman to the local town council for judgement. Tomorrow or the next day we leave to help Rufus with his famine and poverty problem. I don’t know how much I can help, but feeding people sounds a lot better to me than returning cargo to a slaver and fighting alongside an evil fairy-gnome. I should probably say some prayers of atonement, even if i did stop her from enslaving that pixy.

All of the others have agreed to continue with Rufus. I’m not sure I trust Elzra – she seems too selfish to trust. and Lyrial seemed okay with handing over the bandit to hellknights, so I don’t know I trust her eaither. But I think Roofus is a good guy. I’m going to talk to him some more about his god and see if I can get to know him better. As for Fluke, she’s adoreable. I don’t think I’d trust her to fend off an armed child in combat – but she might be able to talk a fiend into liking her. Plus she likes singing and playing the lute, which is a nice distraction. I think if the thing with Roofus turns sour I’ll stick with Fluke for a while – maybe we can do some good together.

My candle’s almost dead, my ink’s almost gone, and my quill is starting to frey, so I guess that’s all for now. I don’t know where you can write to reach me, but rmember I still love you. I wear your locket even when I’m sleeping.

With Love from your Doghter,
– Arsenau


Arsenau is a pretty cool lady person. There’s a lot of flavor here, and using a letter to her mother as the medium is really clever and touching.

Sarenith 17


I think it makes a lot more sense for her than keeping a journal. If she wanted to remember her day-to-day that badly she probably wouldn’t drink so much.

Sarenith 17

oh gosh I love her she is a wonderful little sad alcoholic (who is actually toweringly tall) oh goshh

Sarenith 17
Emptus Ghandi

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