The Dark Wolf


Local folklore in Dabril speaks of a evil forest spirit that resides within the southern reaches of the Hybrian Forest, who ravages weary travelers and hunts those linger too long within it’s borders.

It often appears at the edge of vision, or slightly obscured by cover or preternatural midsts, bearing the shape of a black gleaming, red eyed wolf.

Attempts to destroy or banish the beast have failed — the most tragic of which was the death of Tantif, a huntress who took it as her divine call by Erastil to cleanse the forest of it’s evil, who was found disemboweled and decapitated in the Font of the Alicorn.

Knowledge Local

10 – There is an evil spirit that haunts the edge of the Hybrian Forest. It takes the form of a wolf and has never been caught. Sighting the Dark Wolf is considered an exceptionally bad omen.

15 – The Huntress Tantif, a long-time resident and servitor of Ol’ Deadeye tried to hunt down and kill the spirit, but was found a week later disemboweled and decapitated in the fountain of the old Chateau.

20 – The spirit appeared about 3 years ago after the death of Jarn Ripple, a powerful mage who was executed for consorting with devils. It is said that the wolf is his spirit or that of one of his patrons come to seek revenge for his death.

There is rumor of a cult of worshipers who have taken to honoring the spirit in the hope that they might appease it and avoid its wrath.

25 – The Dark Wolf often appears before the gathered cultists in a secret underground chamber of vast marble under the old Chateau.


The Dark Wolf

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