The Fires of Revolution

First Adventure Summary
from Fliuch's perspective

((Notes scrawled by Fliuch Flamespear))

Day I, the town bordering Galt:

Arriving in Riverton was uneventful, and all the people I saw were either busy or hurrying, save for those in a shady, tented area. It more or less served as a big public inn run by the council of the place. The rates were low, though much higher than the quality of comfort that the dirt floors and lack of drink afforded.

I entertained for a few hours and made several new friends who helped me to cover my stay. One new acquaintance turned out to be a mercenary for hire, and offered to help me in my travels deeper into Galt, for a small daily fee. She’s dressed in heavier armour and is skilled in combat (and VERY tall). More importantly, she has a good heart, always speaking her will when she feels something is amiss or amoral, though she otherwise keeps to herself. Her name is Arsenau, and I’m pleased to be working with her!

A man overheard us discussing the details of our arrangement, and claimed that he needed help. We listened to his story, and he turned out to be a merchant prince (It isn’t the same as traditional royalty, but a symbol of high status and skill in trading) named Asir Zek Romad! He recounted to us that his goods had been stolen by an army of highwaymen (he was very drunk, and may have been exaggerating), and that he would hire any who would help to track his belongings and bring back a token and a ledger.

Three more travelers and several hell knights (euch!) approached, each interested in Asir’s story. We discussed it, and the hell knights informed us that there wasn’t an army. Though I was hesitant to help a slaver, we negotiated such that Arsenau and I would work with the three others. We wouldn’t be killing anyone unless it was absolutely necessary, and we wouldn’t be imprisoning anyone for the man’s trade.

One of the three who joined is a man named Rufus, a follower of Milani! I think that he only at first intended to make sure the hell knights wouldn’t harm the man, but he agreed to help us for a portion of the pay and the chance to help the people who used the roads for travel. He’s somewhat older, but very handsome, in a dashing, self-assured way. :)

Another of the three is a woman named Elizerra. She’s Varisian, like me, but from a region further southeast. She seems more interested in the pay that the moral side of it, but she doesn’t come across as bad, and she’s a strong fighter. She casts spells as well!

The last working accomplice joined in interest of being certain we’d finish the job for the merchant. Her name is Liriel, but I don’t know much more about her! She doesn’t talk much, and doesn’t wear any armour or use any weapons. She fights with her fists,

We agreed to set out quickly, our destination down the river a ways on a raft. We eventually came to a fork in the road, which was lined with three dozen people, at least! The leader, a spellcaster of a sort, demanded that we drop our belongings and swim for our lives. It was terrifying, to say the least. I pretended that it wasn’t (which was tricky through all the shaking), and that Arsenau was a powerful warlord, who could easily fight that many people.

They didn’t buy it.

Though, Liriel and Elizerra saw through what was apparently an illusion, and revealed that only a handful of the highwaymen were real! We did battle with them, and Rufus was grievously injured. We managed victory without losing anyone, though one of the bandits fell in the river and didn’t survive, and the caster who was leading them fled

We revived one of the highwaymen and convinced him to lead us to his camp. On our path we happened upon a fey-descended woman, who was mutilating a hare. She seemed utterly mad and dangerous (as many fey may be, forgive my saying so), and gradually conveyed that she was hunting a pixie, intending to capture her. She decided that we would help, and left a pile of possessions for us. The entire encounter was inexplicable and unsettling, which may well be the usual when dealing with real fey.

We continued with our bandit friend to the camp, where we were ambushed by a tiger! It leapt from the bushes and, mad with hunger, attacked us with everything it had. We fought the tiger until it collapsed, and helped it back into its cage. I’m surprised Arsenau could stand after its savaging; she was totally covered in her own blood.

She’s incredible.

After messily looting the goods at the camp, we rested before continuing. We took shifts to watch for any trouble. I’m writing this entry between watching the dark. It makes me wish I could see like an elf.

[end of entry one]

Pure Bedlam
From the journal of Sister Liriel Exubitor

7 Sarenith 4715

I am finally leaving the monastery! I have started a new journal in recognition of this momentous occasion. All of the training I have endured these past two decades is nothing compared to the task that lies before me. I am going to Galt, a land wracked by civil war. Justice shall be my master, Law my guide, Punishment my tool. There will not be so much as a pickpocket when I am through!

13 Sarenith 4715

My first week out of the monastery has been rather uneventful. The rumors of widespread anarchy in Galt appear to have been largely exaggerated. Still, I have made an oath, and I will keep to it. Many of the townsfolk I met seemed resentful of my presence. I suspect they have grown soft because of the lack of proper order. I am coming upon another such town tomorrow, called Riverton. I have made up my mind to mete out Law in this place whether the inhabitants like it or not.

14 Sarenith 4715

A most fortuitous happening! It happens that a force of Hellknights is passing through Riverton. While this would normally not be cause for celebration, as the feckless brutes are more prolific than rats, it did allow me to come across a situation requiring my unique talents. A drunken trader named Azir accosted the leader of the troops, after which she passed down Judgement! I could not believe my eyes! Is Galt so lawless that enforcers now fancy themselves arbiters?

Nevertheless, Azir’s claims of a large band of brigands seemed legitimate, and his pleas for the return of his stolen goods did not fall on deaf ears. I have allied myself with the band of mercenaries he has hired to retrieve his goods. Those goods being: one(1) tiger, one(1) book of shipping manifests, and one(1) heirloom tassel from a family tapestry.

My companions are a motley bunch. There is Arsenau, a paladin of some sort, though without the vigor I have heard in such folk. Perhaps Galt has worn down her resolve… Then there is Elizerra. She is a magus, and that is all that I know of her. She is as silent as myself when it comes to divulging personal information. We are also joined by Rufus, who is only venturing with us to secure our assistance with his own quest. He appears to competent enough, though something seems… off… about him. I can smell deception from a mile away, and he reeks of it. The group is rounded out by Fliuch, who seems to be the only one not hiding anything. The girl is entirely honest, a refreshing trait in this land. She is searching for someone who it seems has wronged her family. Perhaps I will learn more later…

17 Sarenith 4715

Today has been quite unsatisfying. As we were traveling up the river, we were accosted by a large force of bandits. I immediately recognized the majority as illusions, and ordered the true bandits to lay down their arms and face Judgement. They refused, and were quickly put down. The leader escaped during the battle, with any luck we will find both her and the stolen goods in the same place. The others insisted on letting the remaining bandits go free. Though it raised my hackles, I was outnumbered and outvoted. We left one by the river and made the other show us to his camp, promising him his freedom afterwards.

While traveling through the forest, we met a mad gnome named Rene. She babbled something about pixies and their friends before running off into the trees. I was immediately annoyed.

Once we reached the camp, we found it abandoned, or so we thought. It turns out there was still one occupant, Azir’s tiger. The beast was vicious and half-starved. After a brief struggle, we managed to knock it unconscious and return it to its cage. Upon searching the camp, we found evidence that the bandit leader had returned before moving on. I suspect she released the tiger in order to impede our progress.

To bring my disappointment to full fruition, Rene reappeared. She began talking again. Eventually we worked out that she knew where the bandit had gone, and could lead us there. We are preparing to rest at the bandit camp, and will set out in the morning.

18 Sarenith 4715

I feel awful. First we had to follow Rene through the forest, and I’m certain we went round in circles at least three times before reaching the cave where the bandit was hiding. Then my companions stood above the cave and had a loud debate with Rene about whether or not to rip a pixie’s wings off. Finally we enter the cave only to find an ogre waiting for us. Honestly, I’m surprised it wasn’t a dragon, the way this day went. We slew the beast and ventured deeper into the cave, which is where everything went to shit.

The bandit leader, who it turns out was a sorceress, had us trapped in a narrow corridor. I managed to get inside the cavern to attack her, but she had magical protections set on her person, and I could not touch her. Then Rene “joined the battle”, which is to say she pulled out a butterfly net and attempted to catch a pixie. The rest of the fight is a bit of a blur. I blacked out several times, though I distinctly recall Rufus setting the pixie free from Rene.

Afterwards, we carried the bandit leader back to her camp to rest. After stating my intention to bring her to the Hellknights so she could be brought to the Citadel for Judgement, my companions became agitated. They preferred she go free, or at least be handed over to local authorities. I am confused by their reluctance to trust in the Judgement of Cheliax, but as long as the bandit answers for her crimes, I do not care how or where sentence is handed down.

I have resolved myself to train even more, to become strong enough to pierce magical wards and quick enough to evade magic spells. My training did not prepare me for this. I will write a letter to Mother Edele, imploring her to add more magical opponents to the curriculum.

21 Sarenith 4715

The past three days have been long and tedious. Rene has disappeared once more, a blessing to be sure, but instead we have to deal with Azir’s tiger. After returning to Riverton, we handed the bandit over to the council, as there is no garrison. The representative we spoke to seemed exceedingly untrustworthy. Azir was overjoyed to have his items returned to him. He provided information to Fliuch about the person she seeks. It seems her next destination lies at the College of Edme.

Rufus has also divulged to us the nature of his quest. He is journeying to a neighboring village to help stop a famine. As per our previous agreement, we will be assisting him. But first, I must rest…

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