Asir Zek Rumad

A Quidarian trader with a slight drinking problem.


A man of apparent Kellishite descent, Asir Zek Rumad is a merchant currently residing in Riverton. He calls himself a prince, at least in semi-private. His fine clothes are dirty and stained with countless spills and sloshes and he is often found in the company of whatever alcohol can be procured.


Asir claims to hail from Katapesh and be a powerful Quidarian trade prince, but nothing of the sort can be proven.

He hired Fliuch and Arsenau to recover the trade tassel for his family tapestry and they cargo manifests from his stolen cargo.

He owns a tiger, which he keeps in a cage in Riverton and charges people to come see her as he waits on the town council to decide the fate of Aria Listera

Asir Zek Rumad

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