Dabril was once a prosperous city, made famous the world over for it’s exquisite flowers and legendary perfumes.

The town itself lies on the banks of the Sellen across from the elven kingdom of Kyonia, and it’s slightly acidic sandy clay soil makes a perfect environment for the cultivation of roses of many varieties. It is however notably poor at growing food staples such as barley, corn and millet and as a result Dabril has historically relied on trade for it’s food supplies.

Prior to the revolution, the duke of Dabril and his young Duchess held lavish parties and built an enormous chateau, complete with alchemical fountains, heated floors and enchanted ballrooms. After the revolution, the chateau was seized by the town council who painted over all of the frescos and altered the statues and grounds (they likely would have destroyed the building outright if the town wasn’t under the protection of Shelyn the goddess of beauty who decrees that no art should ever be destroyed unless it is to be replaced by a work of even greater art) and turned into a traveler’s house for anyone brave or desperate enough to live in the haunted manor. Local legend holds that the manor was restored to a new height of beauty five years ago during Crystalhue through a divine agreement of the Cayden Caliean and Shelyn.

The town is ruled by a directly elected town council, which makes all of it’s decisions by matter of simple majority. Elections for the town council are held annually, an always result in the reelection of the current council members, as they take place in the town square by a matter of a showing of hands. Execution of traitors is usually swift.

There is one inn / tavern in Dabril, known as the Liberty Tree, still occasionally called by the locals the Goosed Goose or the Buggered Bird (The previous signage depicted a cockatrice transfixed [or being fucked by] the horn of a unicorn). The barkeep is a young bitter human named Hark.

The town’s longest standing resident is Lady Solithias, a venerable priestess of Shelyn who has been spared Bloody Jaine’s kiss only out of the fear of bringing down the wrath of the Beautiful Goddess and losing her divine protection.

Available Magical Goods (so far discovered):

Icicle Dagger X2
Protection from Chaos
Miserable Pity

Vocal Alteration
Abjuring Step

Planar Binding, Lesser
Chain of Perdition
Vision of Hell
Resist Energy, Communal

Lesser Rod of Reach Spell
Rod of Silent Spell
Head Band of Vast Intellect +2


The Fires of Revolution Emptus Emptus