Font of the Alicorn

This alchemical fountain, the largest of a series on the grounds of the old Chateau of the late duke of Dabril, depicts a cocktrice being impaled by the horn of a rampaging unicorn.

The exploits and cause of this unlikely pairing is the topic of a dabrilise drinking song, “The Tale of the Cockerel,” which tells of a Cockerel who gets drunk, has a night of rambunctious fucking involving a cross-dressing peacock (who is implicated to be lamastaeu in disguise) laid an egg in a dungpile. It was there adopted by the lady toad Crapaudine, who fancied herself royalty as she was crowned with a diamond periapt of the same name, an actual magic gem commonly referred to as toadstone, and a natural mithridate. The toad queen’s monstrous son then hatched bearing a crown of his own

After kissing his mother goodbye and subsequently turning her to stone, Coco flew off to seek a bride, only to instead find Patapouf, a bumbling unicorn looking for a pure-hearted virgin’s lap in which to lay his horn, but who instead sticks it up Coco’s bung. Crapaudine’s dungheap somehow becomes a well, and The petrified Patapouf then falls in, the screeching Coco still buggered on his horn.

The fountain itself has a slight sulfur smell and was only restored to it’s current complete condition 5 years ago during crystalhue, through the direct intervention of Cayden Caliean and Shelyn.

Font of the Alicorn

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